1. Training Methodology.

2. Participatory Development of water Harvesting Structure.

3. Development of alternative land use system.

4. Production of high quality planting materials, seeds, saplings, chicks, Fingerlings etc.

5. Production of vermicompost.

6. Agro eco-system analysis through PRA.

7. Organic Farming.

Expertise are available in the Krishi Vigyan Kendra as a form of  multidisciplinary activities

1. Vermi Compost production techniques:

Modern techniques for preparation of Vermi compost both as ordinary low cost techniques and Cemented high cost techniques.
Preparation and construction of low cost project proposal
Uses of vermin compost in agricultural and Horticultural crops.

2. Induced Breeding of Carp:

Preparation and construction of low cost Fishery production units.
Different disease and pest management in Fish swan production units.

3. Soil and Water Conservation:

Management of soil and water judiciously in different cropping season for conservation and management of Health status for maximum crop production.

4. Plant Propagation:

Techniques of plant propagation of different orchard like Mango, Guava, Citrus, Cashewnut, Litchi, Mosumbi, ect.