Seva Bharati KVK

Training Programme

OFT Programme

FLD Programme

Extn. Activities

Functions of KVK

  • Adaptation of cluster of village /watershed based and adoption of village for conducting Agro-eco system analysis through PRA, identification and prioritization of problem on the basis of the causes in terms of severity, frequency and its extent.

  • Organization of gross root organization viz, rural youths, progressive farmers, farmers led extension workers, SHGs, and motivation for establishment of F.Sc Club under KVK or Farmers Club under NABARD.

  • Conducting diagnostic team visit to the farmers field and farmers visit to KVKs, and backward and forward linkage on regular basis.
  • Development of Annual Action plan for conducting OFT, FLDs, training and on station trial etc.with facilitation of DEE, BCKV and ZDPD and its presentation in Zonal Work Shop and adaptation as per advice of Scientific Advisory committees.

  • Organization of capacity building need based training programme in the field of Agriculture and allied activities in order to develop their capacity to know, to do, to learn by doing, and to the work in group.

  • Organization of Frontline Demonstrations (components/full package) on paddy, wheat, maize, potato, vegetables, mango, cashewnut, poultry birds, agril implements, fish farming groundnut, mustards, sesamum, sunflowers ,green gram, red gram and black gram in the operational area with training, critical input support back up in collaborative mode of operation and conducting field days with extension functionary and feedback information.

  • Organization of training for extension personnel, functionary, service providers and other stake holders on sponsorship or by own for emerging advances in agricultural research on regular basis.

  • Organization of Field Days, Seminar, Workshops, Kishan Mela, Exhibitions, Ex-trainee, Progressive farmers, and innovative farmers meet observance and celebration of the day as well as conducting two numbers of SAC meeting as regular annual events.

  • Publication and distribution of Extension Bulletins, scientific papers, manual, leaflets, charts, posters, folders etc.

  • Consultancy and facilitation service to District line departments especially for wasteland development and participatory development of water harvesting structures as well as other stake holders for Agriculture and allied agricultural development projects and programmes.

  • Operation and maintenance of Agro-Service Centre to provide easy accessible basic agricultural inputs and Assurance of service to the farming community by supply of quality critical inputs viz. seeds/breeds/planting materials/PPC/fertilizer/implements.

  • Scientific managements of progeny orchard, demonstration units and Soil and water analysis lab, library, fish hatchery, Godown and farm for better out put.

  • Participatory planning and development of rural development programme for host organization by convergence of different programme of state and national programme and projects.

  • Backward and forward linkage with different institutions of NARS and others for adaptations of technology back up.

  • Exploration of Information Technology and Communications in Agriculture.